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August 04, 2009
This Summer, be an 'angel' to neglected backyard dogs.

Countless backyard dogs are struggling to survive long days in the harsh sun and soaring temperatures of a sweltering summer. Some will pant nonstop, their tongues hanging out, and others will die a horrible death from heat exhaustion because they lack even basic shelter. Yet somehow, most will manage to survive despite their deplorable living conditions and their terrible suffering. But with your help, we can improve the lives of many of them. How?

By building and delivering hundreds of sturdy, all-weather PETA-built doghouses. The doghouses provide the animals with urgently needed shade plus protection from the pounding rains that accompany summer thunderstorms.

Won't you become one of PETA's "angels for animals" today and personally help alleviate the suffering of outdoors dogs who spend their lives with no shelter whatsoever from the scorching sun, searing heat, torrential downpours or summer's other weather extremes? As an "angel," not only can you help mistreated dogs make it through this summer's worst weather, you can also help keep them from suffering through winter's freezing cold.

Please make the most generous gift that you possibly can and help us provide sorely neglected dogs with quality doghouses, giving them a place where they can curl up and feel safe...

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Dentist Escondido says …
October 29, 2009 09:55 PM

Nice post. i'm a dog lover, part of my heart belongs to them. it really breaks my heart to see neglected dogs without food and a good place to stay with.

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